STUDIO LIS Voice Lessons, Master classes, and Career Workshops

At Studio LIS, our guiding principal is "Learn. Intuit. Succeed."  We believe that if you learn your craft and your business, and trust your intuition, you are bound to succeed.  We are committed therefore to developing well rounded singing artists with healthy technique to create artistic freedom, emotional well-being for top performance, and business acumen to thrive in the modern economy.  

We provide voice instruction, personal development, and career coaching at the highest level in Manhattan, and throughout the world in private studio, Masterclass, and workshops.  We seek to keep classes affordable for artists at every level by partnering with industry experts, accredited institutions, and other organizations committed to the development of singing artists. The evidence of our effectiveness is shown through the success of our students, and their testimonies of progress and achievement through our instruction.


Our Services

Studio LIS Private Voice Lessons

  • Technical training for artists who want to get the most out of their singing
  • An emphasis on bel canto technique
  • Work on breathing, releasing tension, clarity of tone, pitch, resonance, and other topics as relevant
  • Explore new repertoire
  • Potentially participate in workshops and concerts
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StudioLIS Workshops, Lessons, and Seminars for Aspiring Artists

  • Designed for institutions that want to amplify their music education with career development services
  • 1- or 2-day workshops for faculty and students on opera careers in the 21st century
  • Curricula designed to move students into a career path
  • Workshops on how to monetize your brand and leverage your skills outside of music in a way that supports your music career
  • Workshops on defining success at the individual level, setting goals, and moving forward
  • Students will have at the end: A brand statement, work plan, networking manual, fundraising project plan, and vision board
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Studio LIS NYC Personal Artist Development Training

  • Customized programs for individual artists at the student, young artist, emerging, professional, and part-time professional levels
  • Personalized training programs for artists who want intensive study in New York City.  In addition to private voice lessons with Lis, you will receive musical and dramatic coachings with industry experts, audition preparation, business workshops, concert performances, and potential auditions.
  • These programs are designed on an individual basis and therefore highly customized to suit the artist’s individual needs.
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