Hello, Singers – and all others who may happen upon these pages.

Welcome to Singing My Life!

Singing My Life is a blog created with the intention of uplifting, encouraging and inspiring singing artists and everyone else to live a fully creative, abundant and purposeful life. Here you will find messages of inspiration, affirmations, career advice, vocal technique, and much more to support your life as a singer.

Singing My Life Principles

In my musings, I will often refer to the Singing My Life (SML) Principles. The Singing My Life Principles are a group of ideas that I first developed during the Quarantine Sing! Program to support our artists in having a sound mind, a peaceful spirit and a renewed energy and commitment to their lives and careers in a very difficult time. We discovered that these principles actually support during the good times, the bad times and everything in between. These concepts align our singing selves – technically and artistically – with our living selves, our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical whole selves. Too often we are compartmentalizing our singing from the other things that matter to us when in fact, we are the only musicians who can’t separate our instruments from our bodies and keep both intact. So, how can we separate the act of singing from the whole person that we are? Singing My Life provides a structure for you to make discoveries and growth in these alignments. We will come back to these concepts again and again and eventually you will have the full set of principles if you stick with us.

Practicing Peace

I will also share my Peace Practices, another concept that I developed during the quarantine that I have been happy to take into my post-quarantine life. Peace is not something that we attain and keep forever. Whether we are talking about the individual level or the global level or something in between, peace is earned only through conscious effort and it must be consciously cultivated. I hear from my artists all the time that they are using these practices to great benefit in their daily lives – at home, at work, and in performance! I hope that you will also enjoy receiving these concepts and practicing peace for yourself and your community.

Tips and Techniques

Last but certainly not least, along the way I will show you how to incorporate these concepts into your life as a singer, and importantly — into your technique and artistry! Many posts will contain specific ideas on singing technique, instructive exercises, practice tips, references and more tools that are directly related to actual physical activity of singing.  After all, this blog is called SINGING My Life!

Please… join the fun!

I invite you to join the conversation — comment, ask questions, bring your personal journey to the experience. In doing so, not only will you get more for yourself, but you will also be a part of this collective manifestation of peace, joy, love and SINGING in the world.

Feel free to share this content with your networks – singers and otherwise! I would love to reach as many people as possible with messages of peace, love and joy.

Love in Song,

Are you excited for the Singing My Life Blog? Please tell me in the comments what topics you look forward to covering.

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